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Since September 2014, Year of the Startup helped almost 50 companies get started or scale. Not all of our startups have succeeded but they have had a much better shot than companies founded by "lone wolf" entrepreneurs. Even still, we recognize failure as an important ingredient to success. Setting a failure ratio and experimenting with new ideas is the way top companies quickly iterate and become successful. At Year of the Startup we have a lot of collective brainpower for you to draw upon. Mentors, roommates, interns, and Year of the Startup's founding team is only a call away -- or in many cases in their bedrooms just down the hall.

Year of the Startup prides itself on the diversity of its entrepreneurs. Diversity comes in several forms such as gender, race, age, industry, experience, and entity type. We have worked with nonprofits, tech companies, manufacturers, and transportation companies alike. Something special happens when you fill a room with seemingly dissimilar people who are at least alike in one very important regard; they love building things. Deep synergies and new possibilities arise with each interaction. Here's a few of our notable companies - scroll down and click the logos to learn more about our former and current entrepreneurs.