Year of the Startup (YOTSU), an Omaha based incubator, launched its first startup house in Fall 2014 and since then has incubated nearly 50 startup founders. The YOTSU model has evolved over time to become what it is today: a live/work/learn community led by entrepreneur residents!


Individuals or teams interested in starting or scaling a company apply for Year of the Startup. If accepted, founders move in to a bedroom at Startup Mansion which costs $300 - $750 monthly depending on room type and availability. The first 90 days are a more intense acceleration period followed by a less intense period of incubation. Throughout the stay at Startup Mansion, entrepreneurs attend mentor talks, collaborate with other residents, and access resources available through Year of the Startup to start or scale their companies.


Everyone is welcome to apply for Year of the Startup! Both women and men are encouraged to apply. Individuals with and without day jobs, with growing companies and with mere ideas are encouraged to apply. Tech startups and physical startup ideas are encouraged to apply. Pets and significant others are also welcome on a case by case basis.

Mansion Living

Startup Mansion has 18 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms - it's huge! It boasts a coffee shop style co-working space, glass conference room, carriage house, and even a sand/fire pit and outdoor workout area known as "Muscle Beach."

Interesting People

We have more interesting characters here than the HBO series "Silicon Valley." Between resident outings, Airbnb guests, and weekly events there are always interesting people to meet and form lasting and meaningful relationships with.

Framework For Success

The perfect combination of formal and freestyle: Year of the Startup begins with a structured accelerator-like portion during the first 90 days followed by a comparatively self paced incubator style period where all resources are at your fingertips.

In-House Resouces

We have so many resources under one roof! YOTSU generally has one resident lawyer living at Startup Mansion. One bedroom is also dedicated to web developer interns who perform 15-20 hours free web dev weekly for qualifying and selected residents.

Mentor Match

After Day 30 you're paired up with a dedicated mentor who will meet with you 1:1 each 7-14 days to track your progress, give advice and act as a sounding board. Our mentors are wise owls with startup experience handpicked just for you!

Peer Learning

Year of the Startup works hard to provide resources and value to its residents but the most valuable resource residents have is each other! As a resident you'll be living with 15 other brilliant and driven founders - lots to learn from everyone!